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Retirement Planning

Preparing for your next chapter

The success of any journey depends on preparation: a plan that's focused and mapped out in advance with provisions and navigational tools to keep you on pace.

If you were to retire tomorrow, what would you want to do? How and where would you like to live? How much income would you need to maintain your standard of living?

The amount of retirement income you need, of course, is a personal thing. There is no "magic" amount that is right for everyone.

We all try to plan for the future and look forward to a time when we can retire with a comfortable retirement income. You may wish to consult with a financial planner regarding your progress in meeting your retirement income goals.

Key Contacts

Advanced Capital Group

403(b) MetLife Customer Service

457 MN Deferred Comp Service

  • 1-800-657-5757


Severance Special Pay & HRA/Post-Employment Health Care Accounts

Retiree/Cobra Benefits Administrator

ISD 279 Osseo Area Schools

Retirement Forms & Documents